Wheel Refurbishment

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Due to current COVID guidelines, RRT are unable to accept retail vehicles at the current time, or visitors to our site. If you wish to have your wheels refurbished, please email or call first for an appointment. We will then advise delivery and collection information by return. No wheels will be accepted without a prior appointment.

What we do and how we do it

In 2014 RRT made a significant investment into new bespoke facilities which include an automated pre-treatment and paint plant, the likes of which is unparalleled in the UK, and state-of-the-art equipment to repair and finish alloy wheels.

Our control processes combined with our unique facilities enable us to offer a service that cannot be bettered.

For key account B2B, OEM and De-Fleet customers, we provide a free of cost collection and delivery service.

Our operation is split between to adjacent premises, which physically separates all “preparation processes” from “finishing / quality inspection”. This eliminates the risk of airborne particulate contamination, improving overall finished product quality.

The process - what we do

All the alloy wheels that we refurbish are subject to the same process; there are no half measures in our procedures.

  • Paint Removal – our purpose designed, stripping process' use a combination of heat and environmentally friendly solutions to remove all existing paint and lacquer from the wheel.

  • Shot Blasting – Our automated shot blasting machine removes all minor abrasions and any corrosion prior to hand finishing

  • Surface Preparation – Meticulous care is taken to repair / refinish all areas of the wheel using special powered hand tools. Buckled wheels can be straightened and deep gouges and cracks repaired by welding.

  • Pre-Treatment – Our automated, track based pre-treatment is unique in the UK ensuring we are able to achieve the highest quality finish on all wheels.

  • Surface Finishing – Our combination powder and wet colour coating process is available in all standard manufacturer colours and finishes, including Shadow Chrome. We also offer a colour matching service and can create bespoke colours for those customers wishing to create that special look.

  • Diamond Cutting – We can digitally profile any wheel face and using our state-of-the-art CNC Machine Centers, provide a precision Diamond Cut Finish to the face of a wheel.

OEM wheel refinishing

As demand continues to grow on the OEM’s from customers wishing to differentiate their new vehicles from standard models, Special Vehicle Programmes are becoming well established. These programmes offer customers the option to have anything from bespoke interiors to special body and wheel paint colours and finishes.

RRT’s processes and quality standards enable us to offer OEMs a bespoke service to support their Special Vehicle Programmes matching the expectations of their most demanding customers. RRT are accredited ‘Tier 1” and “Tier 2” suppliers to a number of OEMs.

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